NOSASCOM : Number Opinion Shape Age Size Color Origin Material

1. The girl wear a     cutenewbigyellowplasticraincoat.
                                 opinion    age      size    color     material     noun

2. It is a         cooltriangleoldsmallwhiteEnglishwood boat
                      opinion   shape      age    size      color    origin     material   noun

3. She eat a    deliciousround authenticsmallpastelJapanOreo
                      opinion       shape     age           size       color    origin   noun

4. My sister just bought a   pairuniquepinkEuropecanvasAdidas
                                           number   opinion   color   origin     material   noun

5. She made herself a   beautifulroundnewbigtoscafabricrag
                                     opinion      shape    age   size   color   material    noun


Gathapraya is an event that held by our school SMAN 3 Bandung. It is located in Bali Street, Lapangan Bali.

Before the event, we went to a parade first. Each class had to give two person to become the mascot of the province the committee's give. My class got West Sumatra, and we rent clothes the day before. The parade started at Saparua Park to Lapangan Bali. We had to wore kebaya/pangsi except the mascot. Before the parade, there are some performance from some elementary school. They perform traditional dance beautifully.

After that, we walk down the street to promote our event, Gathapraya. Except us, the mascot given ride by horses. The parade is very noisy and crowded, but it is fun after all. Finally, we arrived at Lapangan Bali at around 11 o'clock, and I went home to change my kebaya into jeans and t-shirt. The Gathapraya ticket was sent by email, so I had to check my email first before I went to the event. At 3 o'clock I head again to Lapangan Bali to a…

My Weekend (Not Attend World Tournament)

I was learning my religion subject and retreat when there was a World Tournament.

It was held on saturday, in class 12. There was a mentoring from our senior. We, juniors, divided into several groups, that held 1 or 2 senior there. We are given the task by the teacher and we were told to discussed about it with our group.

I was held by a female senior, and she was very nice to me. We shared about school, life, and others. It was really nice to talk to someone who's older than you, because they had more experience than you. After we discussed, we present it in front of class, and last, we pray together.

It is really fun and comforting.

After that, I go to church to follow retreat activities. It is located in El Shaddai, Bukit Lembang. I went there with my friends by bus that provided by church. It is took a half and hour to get there. We arrived at 3 o'clock. After I get there, me and my friends took a rest a bit before we praise the Lord. We stayed for almost two days one nigh…

Holiday Plan


Alda   : Hi, Raissa what is your plan for the next holiday? Raissa : I am going to Bali. Alda   : Wow! That is going to be great! Raissa : Yes, of course, I'm so excited for this plan!
Alda   : When will you go there?
Raissa : I think in December or other big weekends. Alda   : Where do you plan to go in Bali? Raissa : I plan to go to Padang Beach and Upside Down World
Alda   : That's wonderful! I have been to Upside Down World and I think that place is great.
Raissa : Oh really? I just had it in Yogyakarta.
Alda   : Yeah, I took a lot of pictures there because that place is aesthetic.
Raissa : Aesthetic? That's my kind of place!
Alda   : Yeah hahaha. 
Alda   : Ohh, by the way, what are you gonna use to go there?
Raissa : I go by plane of course
Alda   : Oh, I think you went antimainstream by the land
Raissa : No, I actually want to try that too, but it must be tiring.
Alda   : Yeah, and took a lot of time.
Alda   : Hey, don't forget to bring me souven…

My Worst Experience

Everyone has their own worst experience, now I want to share mine.

A couple of months ago, I went to the mall with my friends. My sister was in the church doing her rehearsal. My father and my mother were there too. My plan after play with my friends was go to church. It was late at night, about 8 p.m. My friends were already go home, and I'm about to order Go-Jek, before I know my phone is out of battery. And in that time, There was a big rain flushed the area. I was running back to the mall to avoid the rain. I have just enough money that time to pay for public transportation. The thing is, I don't know which public transportation that I had to take.

 I am so hopeless that time. I bring my charger, but not the powerbank. I'm running of time too, because I'm afraid that my sister rehearsal was about to done. I didn't know the road too, even the church and the mall is not so far, so I couldn't walk. But I try to get some fresh air, so I just walk outside and didn…


Sudden Dialogue

At Starbucks.
Alda     : Hi, your face looks familiar! Hanna  : Hi, you're Alda right? Alda     : Yes, and you are... Hanna  : I'm Hanna your friend from Junior High School! Alda     : Of course haha! I'm sorry I just kidding Hanna, I knew it was you. How are you? Hanna  : That's fine, I'm good, what about you? Alda     : I'm good too, what do you want to order?
Hanna  : I like the javachip here. 
Alda     : Oh, that's pretty good. But I like the green tea latte here.
Hanna  : Hey, do you want to company me?
Alda     : Sure, I'm alone, do you?
Hanna  : Yes, for this time, but I'm waiting for Santa to be here.
Alda     : Oh! Santa is here too?
Hanna  : Yes!

At the table.

Alda    : Where is your high school now?
Hanna : I'm in SMAN 24 now. What about you?
Alda    : Oh, that's great! I'm in SMAN 3.
Hanna :Long time no see you!
Alda    : Yeah, I'm surprised to ran into you too.
Santa : Hey Hanna, sorry I'm late. Hi, Alda! Long time no see!